Primary Total Shoulder Replacement

Primary Total Shoulder Replacement

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This is the second most common type of shoulder replacement procedure.

Your doctor will reach your shoulder joint by making a cut, either down the front or the side of your shoulder. They will then replace the ball at the top of your upper arm with a new metal ball. They’ll also replace the socket in your shoulder blade with a new socket.

These replacements mimic the original structure of your shoulder. After the procedure, your doctor will close the cut with stitches or clips and cover your wound with a dressing.

The procedure takes between one and two and a half hours and you’ll either be under local or general anaesthetic.

Primary Total Shoulder Replacement Costs

ProcedureLength of stayProcedure priceProcedure code
Primary Total Shoulder Replacement4 Nights£12,150W5000

What's included?

  • Overnight accommodation in a private en-suite room, including nursing care and patient meals.
  • Consultant Surgeon and Consultant Anaesthetist professional fees.
  • Theatre procedure including medication and consumables pertaining to the procedure being performed.
  • Standard prosthesis.
  • Pre-admission assessment with a nurse.
  • Inpatient physiotherapy, if required.
  • Discharge medication pertaining to the condition being treated by this package.

What's not included?

  • Additional procedures and additional prosthesis, if required.
  • Intensive Care or High Dependency Care, if required.
  • Additional diagnostics, pathology and histology if carried out.
  • Personal expenses – telephone calls, additional catering, etc.

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